Heart Healthy Meal Showcase

By TED LOUKAS   AUG 11, 2017

GRECOS Wine Bar and Grill

Location: 167 Princess St, Kingston, Ontario

Meal: Dolmadakia and Filet of Salmon


Dolmadakia are rice wrapped with grape vine leaves and served with tzatziki. Grape vine leaves have been shown to improve blood circulation and are rich in Vitamin A, which improves vision and is responsible for the correct function and maintenance of the body. In addition to this, the combination of rice with vine leaves is ideal as the vegetable fibers of the vine leaves facilitate the digestion of carbohydrates contained in rice.

Filet of Salmon

Next up is the Filet of Salmon. Simply, fresh Atlantic salmon, poached or broiled with Grecos special sauce. Salmon has been linked to reduced heart problems and increased weight control. Salmon is also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, a great source of protein, and is high in B-vitamins. 

Things to do After the Festival

By TED LOUKAS   AUG. 3, 2017

Looking for something to do after the Dragon Boat Festival is finished? There is plenty to do in Kingston!

If you’re craving a relaxing, picturesque walk after such an exhilarating day, you could try the Kingston Waterfront. With 8 kilometres of pathway, it also connects straight to the downtown core of Kingston.


The Grizzly Grill

Hungry after all that paddling? Kingston’s downtown offers a variety of restaurants. From the locally sourced Grizzly Grill – offering seafood, wood-fired pizzas, and many delicious options – to the Caribbean, Sally's Roti Shop, to Flavours of India, Kingston can satisfy your hunger with tastes from all over the world.

Haunted Walk of Kingston

Interested in history? Try The Haunted Walk of Kingston  or the Penitentiary tour. The Haunted Walk of Kingston allows guests to visit the sites of haunted hotels, hidden burial grounds, grave robbings, and more.

Kingston Penitentiary

The Kingston Penitentiary Tour offers visitors an opportunity to look inside the walls of the recently closed Kingston Penitentiary and to learn about the history and inner-workings of prison life.

The Alibi Kingston

Looking for a couple drinks? The Alibi or The Brooklyn are great downtown, and if you’re looking to head into the west end, Jimmy’s Sports Lounge (formerly KT’s) is a fantastic choice.



Both The Alibi and The Brooklyn have outdoor patios and serve some pleasantly interesting craft beers.

Jimmy's Sports Lounge

Jimmys Sports Lounge offers live entertainment, karaoke, darts, billiards, beers and more.


Serenity Spa

If relaxation is more your thing, the Kingston offers a variety of different venues. Serenity Spa, hair, and café offers spa packages for men and women.

Heart Healthy Meal Showcase

By TED LOUKAS   JUL. 31, 2017

Grizzly Grill

Location: 395 Princess St, Kingston, Ontario

Meal: Wild BC Halibut

Looking for a fulfilling, heart-healthy meal that tastes amazing? Look no further than Kingston’s own Grizzly Grill for some Wild BC Halibut. Halibut contains omega-3 fatty acids – beneficial for the heart and those with cardiovascular disease – and is a great source of protein, all while being low in fat. The Halibut is complimented by a sweet potato, kale, and roasted red pepper salad as well as tomato chutney. Both are vitamin-rich, healthy options.  

Stay Healthy Dragon Boating 

In 2013 just 2 in 10 adults met the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines. This number is reduced to 1 in 10 for children under the age of 18. This sedentary lifestyle has been linked to many health complications including increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, anxiety and depression, and certain types of cancers.


Dragon boat racing is not only a great way to increase your physical activity, but it can also significantly reduce health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Dragon boat racing increases your strength, cardiovascular fitness, and is a great core-specific workout. It is a fantastic full body workout as well engaging your back, shoulders, abs, chest and legs.


In addition to physical benefits, dragon boat racing also has psychological benefits. It can reduce stress, improve self-esteem, and give you a boost in energy.


Dragon boat racing is a great workout for people of all ages!

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